Vintage Buffalo Leather Backpack
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Vintage Buffalo Leather Backpack


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Having  fusions in trend and  with numerous fresh styles approaching we all are leaning towards a mix of contemporary and classic which will allow us to stand out in the crowd. Thus, in Sam’s Leather,  we tirelessly work towards the creation of that magic and amongst those  precious creations is our unique VINTAGE BUFFALO LEATHER BACKPACK. This is a perfect mix of contemporary and tradition and is an attraction for the college going teens, professors to the employees indulged in a corporate world. The aesthetics of the bag along with its features  certainly earns a brownie point  and thus it becomes a key element in the genre of comfortable yet stylish accessories.

This backpack is intricately hand stitched  with magnificent quality buffalo leather and thus becomes appropriate  for every season. Our artisans have  carefully incorporated their magic over the curated buffalo leather which contains an epidermal membrane which, as researchers claim, is three times denser than cowhide. It has a spacious interior with various compartments where you can accommodate your daily essentials, from your work essential laptop, notebooks to your fancy precious gifts, the bag will keep everything safe. Along with interior compartments the bag also comes up with several pockets outside which is perfect for the things you need to reach quickly and the enough numbers of the pockets also allow you to keep them in a distinguished manner for your ease. The bag has durable yet comfortable straps made with soft leather to ensure that you can carry the bag around without any hustle, whatsoever. 

We can already see the glow in your eyes after looking at this beauty and we completely understand that. Go ahead and order this precious bag and we can assure you that the bag will be your friend for a long time.