Travel With Style

Designed to purposefully add a look of retro luxury to your outwear,

Leather Briefcase

Made with thick buffalo leather,

We are a brand that solely exists for your satisfaction. Genuine materials that provides the natural thickness and look. In every touch, you are guaranteed to feel the difference we provide. Our collection is a timeless set of eye-pleasing leather goods you can treasure through your lifetime and generations ahead.

Leather Tote Bag for Women
Investing in a functional, durable, and highly elegant everyday work bag is key when setting your day up for success.
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Our story

Vintage to our core, every stakeholders of Sam’s Buffalo share the same passion and vision. Ideals that are intricately intertwined to form our whole identity and every final product. Handcrafted by only the most expert artisans, we are indeed a brand that defines novelty and quality.