Mens Leather Backpacks

7 products

7 products

Our leather backpacks and rucksacks for men are long-lasting, wild and free. These bags are designed to hold your laptop, books, clothes, and anything else you'll need for a weekend in the wilderness. Our men's leather travel backpacks are rugged, durable, and built to keep up with your demanding lifestyle. They are crafted from only top grain and full grain leather. Our leathers are of the highest quality. Full grain leather is a natural product, not altered at all. As a result, it will be most durable and last the longest. A small amount of durability is sacrificed in order to smooth out imperfections in top grain leather. You can expect our bags to last generations thanks to the premium leather we use.

Hardware is our passion. Only premium buckles, fasteners, and zips are used to make these men's leather back packs durable. Similarly, the backpack's shoulder straps are made of leather, just to finish off the look. Similarly, the back pack's shoulder straps are made of leather, just to finish off the look.

These bags are also designed to be leather laptop backpacks for travel. That means you will be able to fit your 13 inch, 15 inch or 17 inch laptop in many of these bags. Many of our genuine leather backpacks will have padded laptop sleeves you can use to transport your computer safely.

We are crazy about hardware. We use only premium buckles, fasteners and zips, so you'll know that the leather isn't the only durable thing about these leather back packs. The back pack shoulder straps are made with leather also, just to complete the look.

Our products are made with real genuine leather, which is a 100% natural material. Although these leather backpack purses are more popular among men, some women also prefer them as women's vintage backpacks. Our vintage backpacks were designed to be suitable for both men and women. Travel, hiking, and outdoor activities are ideal for these leather backpacks. The bags have many pockets on the outside. Additionally, we offer a range of sizes. For day trips or weekdays in the office, we have small leather mini backpacks. 

You can get free shipping and a 30-day money back guarantee on all US orders. Our leather backpacks for men are available at The Sam's Buffalo Company.