Why Sam’s Buffalo Leather - Our Story

Why Sam’s Buffalo Leather - Our Story

We all know how intricate handmade vintage leather bags have always remained to be an extremely essential accessory for everyone with an aesthetic sense. Be it in your college going adolescence or in the days of your office life, carrying a vintage leather bag never goes out of style. While finding the right kind of bag that you desire may seem like a tough job, we in Sam’s Buffalo, have a pretty varied range of handmade buffalo leather bags, for all your days and for all the kinds.

Our Unique Feature

The feature that differentiates us from most of our competitors and we take pride in is that all of our products are made out of natural buffalo leather that is then used and handstitched to manufacture your leather bags. The bags are designed and handcrafted by experienced artisans who have been in the business of creating art through these sophisticated bags for decades now. Our designs are a perfect blend of contemporary trends and traditional sophistication, thus making the bags a certain ornament for you to collect and have it on your side, and the quality of the bag ensures that you can have it beside you for ages.

Our Mission

We started the company with a mission of providing all the people around the globe with genuine authentic leather products so that they can relive the tradition with their own style. We then reshaped our mission, where we everyday strive to deliver the best handmade vintage leather products without any hassles to you at the fastest time. We like to imagine a world where we see everyone carrying genuine leather products and we would work vigorously to be a part of that token of happiness all around the globe.

No Compromise on Quality

Our team also consist of a strict policy of zero compromise over quality. Even when we get overpouring orders or we have the sales rising, we still work towards giving the best products to everyone. To ensure that, our entire team stayed awake at several nights and worked closely with every department, we took an entire responsibility of the order till it is placed to the time it is delivered. We did follow contemporary trends but fashion trends could not make sacrifice even a little bit on the quality. Our company also did not avail any kind of unnatural methods for the aging and the coloring of the product. We also did not resort to unnatural methods for aging and coloring the leather, ensuring that you have a 100% genuine buffalo leather product.

The Budget Factor

We understand how badly you want a Handmade vintage leather bags, and we also are aware of the fact that is surely an expensive purchase and is usually an investment done once or twice in a lifetime. So, our entire team decided to make all of our products a budget friendly to achieve our beautiful and nurtured mission, thus, we minimized on all the excessive costs and also reduced the lines of our own profit margins to ensure that these genuine buffalo leather bags are brought to you at a very comfortable price, where you can get your own kind of leather bag without any hesitation or struggle.

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Through this article, we wanted to let you know our story to convey all our unique factors by which we differ from our competitors and which might make you want to choose us. However, if you ever feel like that all of these information are not adequate for you and you have any kind of questions or queries regarding our company or our products or anything whatsoever, you can always reach us via our contact number or our email given at the contact us page. We will be happy to assist you.