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Buffalo Leather Backpack

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If your daily routine involves regular shifts to the office, you know how crucial it is to carry stuff like laptops, documents, notebooks, chargers etc. Now, one way is to get yourself a casual backpack. However, to stand out from the crowd, your choice undoubtedly is going to be the Buffalo Leather Backpack, by Sam’s Leather. 

Fueled by innovative designing thoughts and equipped with the best quality buffalo leather, we, at Sam’s Leather, have been able to combine the beauty with the beast. This gorgeous briefcase here, can withstand pretty much everything you throw at it. Made with thick buffalo leather, this tough-skinned briefcase is perfect for every season out there. Buffalo leather has an epidermal membrane up to three times denser than cowhide which means that it is extremely tough and long-lasting. Unlike cowhide, as the buffalo hides are not stretched out while undergoing the tanning process, they are thicker and more resistant to wear and tear. So be it your daily workspace stress, be it a really quick office meeting—this tough guy is here to be the perfect companion for you. 

Now if we dive into the details of Buffalo Leather Backpack, we will find some really interesting features which will definitely add unique touches to your style quotient. Equipped with three different sized pockets along with a spacious main compartment, this bag offers you an ample space to contain all of your daily essentials including laptop and all the necessary accessories. Let us surprise you by mentioning that this premium weather backpack comes in two different size variants—15” and 16”. So whatever the size of your laptop is, you don’t have to worry about how to fit it in your bag. The main compartment of the bag has an intricate checkered black and white design which not only enhances the overall aesthetic look of the bag but also gives your busy work schedule a breeze of summer evenings. For the main compartment, there are two belt loops with adjustable straps to keep everything in place. And both of the side pockets are armed with YKK zippers which ensure the safety of your valuable belongings while there is also a third pocket  placed in the front face of the bag with a hood to encapsulate everything you keep in it. Lastly, coming to the important point of how you can carry the bag— you get plenty of options here as well.  You can place it on your shoulder just like any other backpack, and you can also carry it in one hand with the sturdy handle attached to the upper portion in the back of the Buffalo Leather Backpack. Based on your necessity, you can always switch back and forth between these two options. Bingo!